How it Works

How it all works.

We try to make the selling process as easy as possible. We offer a few different options to sell your stuff.

We can sell one piece at our consignment auctions, an entire sell out during a consignment auction, or a stand alone auction of an entire estate, store, or farm.

Steps to having a successful auction

The best way to have a successful auction is to call us first. Do not throw anything away and do not try to have a yard sale. These are two of the biggest mistakes that people make when they have a large number of items to sell. What is trash to you may be a treasure to someone else. At a yard sale the buyers are expecting cheap prices and will be asking you to take a lower price. At an auction, buyers are competing to buy the items making the price go up.

Farm & Construction Equipment Auctions

How to consign and items accepted

To consign equipment you can contact us to get your items in all the national advertising as soon as possible or SIMPLY BRING YOUR ITEMS TO THE SALE GROUNDS anytime before the auction. The sooner your consignments arrive the more advertising you will receive. We do offer trucking. Contact us for details. We accept any type of farm implements, trucks, tractors, trailers, constructions equipment, contractors tools, livestock handling equipment and supplies, and other related items of value (example - salvage equipment, lawn and garden, parts, tools, or attachments). Implement, tractor, or heavy equipment tires only. NO junk tires or live animals.

TIPS: To get the most for your items have them ready to sell.

For motorized items have fuel in the tank and a hot battery. Buyers will always pay more when an item will start up on it's own.

Clean your items up. A quick introduction to a water hose or pressure washer can make a world of difference.

If you have an item with an issue of some sort, we have found that full disclosure of the issue will most times result in a better selling result than if the buyer has to guess what the problem might be. They will always think the worst. If you simply don't know then that is all we need to know, most of us are not mechanics.

Do some research and have realist expectations. Just because you see something like yours listed online for a high price does not mean that is what it will bring or what it is worth. Different parts of the country have a different cost of living than we do and that will play a factor. According to the internet on this day a gallon of milk in PA is $4.38, but here in KY the same day a gallon of milk is $2.87.

Commission Rates

Commission on all equipment is 10% per item, $10 minimum with a MAX of $500 per item.

All "smalls" must have value of at least $5 or will be combined with other items from the same consignor.
"Smalls" are considers to be items that are not classified as "equipment" such as tools, fencing, etc.

Commission rate for "smalls" is 20% for items selling for $99 or less, 10% for items selling for $100 or more.

Tires are also sold at the same commission rate as "smalls".

We do not charge a "NO SALE" fee if you are on site to protect your interests, otherwise, we charge $20.
All items will be offered for online bidding when arriving prior to the deadline at no additional charge.

Estate Auctions

How it Works

First, you will need to contact us. We will set a date to come and see what items you have and go over the options to get you the best results. This is a FREE consultation.
For most estate auctions it is quick and easy to conduct an online only auction. For this option the items will remain on site and will sell online only. We will schedule a date to catalog the items. We then create the online catalog and upload it to our online auction platform. We will an auction opening date for bidding and will have a closing date with a "soft close". This means items will end with a staggered time. Most common is 30 seconds. Once the auction has ended we will invoice the buyers. We will be responsible for collecting the money. A scheduled pick up date will be set prior to the opening of the auction and this will be the date for buyers to pick up their items. We will manage the pick up and any shipping that needs to be done. Complete settlement will be within 30 days of the auction closing.

Commission Rates

**Commission rates may vary.

Commission rates are on a sliding scale.

$1 - $10 - 30%

$11 - $25 - 25%

$26 - $100 - 20%

$101 - $250 - 15%

$251 & up - 10%

There is a charge for the catalog creation which can be estimated. Any other details will be discussed at the initial meeting.

Business Liquidations

We are a great option for you business liquidation! We have extensive experience with business liquidations. We have found that each one is different and we will work with you for the absolute best results.

Other Options Available

About Your Self

We have experience as both the buyer and the seller at auctions. We know what it is like for you, and we will do everything we can to make this as easy as we can for you.

Tell About Your Business

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