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We Are Your Selling Solution

Let us take the hassle out of selling.

*Farm & Construction Equipment *Business Liquidations *Estates

& More!

We Can Help!

We can take the stress of out of selling.

BC Auctions offers a unique opportunity for you to get your items sold for the best possible price in less time with less expense and effort. Our commission rates are competitive with no hidden fees. We advertise nationally and offer online bidding during most of our live auctions.

We will be happy to discuss the options. We can come to you and take a look and give you our opinion as to how we can get you the most for items at the least expense to you. When you make money we make money!

Call us to book an appointment for a FREE consultation. 270-556-6217

We treat your property as we would our own.

We take time and put forth the effort.

We will sell your property like it is our own. We will handle it with care and present it in the best possible way to get you the best outcome. We specialize in the details. We take the time to sort and offer items individually, not lumped in large lots. Want to see how we do it?

We are here to work for you.

We work on both sides of the gavel.

Meet the Ledfords

BC Auctions is owned and operated by Traci and Chris Ledford. As veterans of the auction business, farm equipment business, and merchandise business we know first hand how it works. Let us put our knowledge and experience to work for you.

The faces you will work with.

We do not just hand your project off to a staff member. One or both of us will personally work with you from beginning to end. From signing the contract, taking the photos, and loading out, one or both of us will be present.

If you attend other auctions you might run these two.

Who takes care of the backend.

Traci is the primary on most all the estate auctions and business liquidations. She is the one that takes all the photos, manages the advertising, and builds the catalogs. Chris will assist with all things machinery. He can also assist with transport to our facility for machinery consignment auctions. He is also a licensed auctioneer.

We are where buyers & consignors meet.

We get your items in front of buyers from across the US as well as other parts of the world.


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